Dental Tourism and Oversees

Dental Tourism and Oversees Patients

Choosing to get dental work done away from home can be quite a tricky affair. While choosing a dentist in New Delhi, India, the following might serve as a guideline to verify if you are in safe hands :


Dentistry is a licensed profession. Please verify that your dentist holds license in the form of a registration number from the respective Dental Council or any other Indian State Dental Council.

Verify that your dentist holds as a minimum, a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Degree from an Indian University/Dental College accredited by the Dental Council of India after 4+1 years of training.

Verify that your dentist has a license/registration certificate which has been renewed for the current year. The Delhi Dental Council, renews the registration certificate every year, with a validity period of one year, from January to December of each year.

Be wary of the number of “fake” dentists (or quacks) practicing in India – both in metropolitan cities, townships and rural areas. They do not have any qualifications or registration. Be cautious of Quacks.


Check if your dentist is fully aware of modern sterilization methods to prevent cross-infection, including the use of Autoclaves and disposables. Boiling water sterilization is not a very effective method of sterilization and you can enquire on the methods used by your dentist. 

Keep an eye on the over-all cleanliness of the office and surgery.

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