Post Sedation Instructions

Instructions to patients who are to receive sedation for dental treatment

You may have questions concerning the sedation (medicine given to your child) of your child for dental treatment. The purpose of the following list is to help answer some of those questions and provide important information. It is important for patient’s safety that he/she follows these instructions carefully.

1. Eating and Drinking

It is essential for your safety that the stomach be empty at the time of the sedation appointment.To avoid vomiting and complications during treatment with anaesthesia/ sedation, the following

Schedule should be followed:

  • The patient should not eat any food for at least 8 hours before treatment.
  • For Children below 3 years of age, clear liquids may be given up to 4 hours treatment. (Clear liquids include plain water, clear fruit juices like Tang/Rasna that don’t contain actual fruit pulp, but no aerated drinks)
  • For children between 3-6 years, clear liquids may be given up to 5 hours before the treatment.
  • For Children of age 7 years and above and adults, clear liquids may be given up to 6 hours before treatment. Absolutely nothing (not even a sip of water) within the three hours prior to your/Your Child’s appointment.
  • DO NOT allow the patient any food or drink (even water) unless advised by your doctor at any other times approaching treatment except as mentioned above.

There are several types of dental bridges. Each bridge is made with different materials and is better suited for certain areas of the mouth and for certain types of situations. Your Dental Associates dentist will recommend the best type of dental bridge based on your individual circumstance.

2. General Health

If there is any change in the child’s health status especially development of cough, cold or fever, stomach or bowel issues within 7 days of treatment, please consult your doctor and seek advice or fresh appointment may be required.

If your child develops a cold, runny nose, cough, fever, or other medical problem within 2 days before the appointment, please contact us immediately. If your child has a respiratory infection and/or congestion, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

3. Investigations and Patient’s History

Enquire with your doctor regarding investigations. Recent investigation reports will be required at the time of procedure. Detailed history of the patient will help in planning the treatment. If the patient has any allergy or has any illness which requires regular medications or anything related to patient’s health must be informed to the doctor.

Common investigations like Complete Blood Check and Urine examinations may be required prior to the treatment. Bleeding and Clotting time and other investigations may be suggested as per the specific procedures that may be required or as based on the patient’s history.

In addition to above, for elderly patients investigations like blood sugar studies, serum cholesterol, creatinine levels etc. and other investigations as required may be prescribed, please speak to the doctor regarding the same.

In case of children with frequent ill health, paediatrician’s advice may be required. For patients with age 45 years and above. ECG and physician’s advice should be sought.

4. Medications

Give your patient only those medications that He/she takes routinely such as seizure medicine or diabetic medicines or prophylactic antibiotics or those advised by your physician. For those who take medicines for hypertension or Steroids must take those medicines with just a sip of water few hours before the appointment. If you are undergoing treatment for diabetes consult regarding scheduling of dosage.

5. Arriving

It is extremely important to keep your scheduled appointment time. If you do not keep your appointment without calling us well ahead of time at least 2days in advance, you will forfeit your sedation deposit. With your cooperation, we will be able to provide better care for your child as well as others.

A responsible adult must accompany the patient and must remain present until treatment is completed, you must plan to arrive early for your appointment

Do not wear tight fitting clothing. Please wear loose fitting clothing with short sleeves to allow access to your arm for blood pressure monitoring.Do not wear contact lenses to your oral or IV sedation dentistry appointment.

Activities: Do not plan further activities for the rest of the day. Allow to rest and plan to make the day quiet and relaxed.

Because we must keep your child as quiet as possible, we ask that you not bring other children with you.

Informed Consent: After you arrive, we will check your child and get informed consent from you. Consent is permission to treat your child. This form must be signed by the parent or legal guardian. The sedative (medicine) will be administered based on your child’s weight and treatment requirement.

Parents will not be allowed in the treatment area during treatment. There will be extra equipment and personnel in the treatment area to make sure your child is well cared for. You should remain in our reception area for the length of the appointment.

Please consult your doctor and us if there is any confusion about medications.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. It is important that you understand the circumstances surrounding this treatment. Call us +91 7666711115.

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