Elderly Care

Dental care for the elderly

The common dental problems in elderly are:

1.Receding Gums

2.Sensitive Teeth

3.Dry Mouth

4.Root decay.

5.Darkened teeth.

6.Tooth and gum decay.

7.Brittlenss of teeth.

8.Denture fittings.

9.Oral cancers.

10. Gum disease


  • ØGingivitis– The bacteria in the plaque and tartar causes inflammation of gums that is called ‘gingivitis’
  • ØPeriodontitis– When gingivitis is not treated it can advance to ‘periodontitis’ in which there is an inflammation of gums around the tooth.

Precautions for prevention of geriatric (elderly) dental problems

1.Brush after every meal

2. Flossing removes food particles from places where toothbrush cannot   reach.

3. Never miss the routine dental checkups.

4.Get well fitting dentures.

5.Use soft brush as elderly have fragile teeth.

6. Brush gently.

7.Rinse mouth frequently.

8.Increase liquid intake to counter dry mouth.

9.Wipe teeth with gauze if brushing is difficult.

10.Avoid tobacco.

11.Dentures should be cleaned thoroughly.

12.Use specially formulated toothpaste prescribes for sensitive teeth and dry  mouth problems.

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